gozenlogoThe word Gozen means “morning time” and “in front of you.” Our childhood is the morning time of our lives, and in self-defense it is important to keep an opponent in front of you. I felt this was the perfect name for our new child-specific curriculum. With a foundation in Shotokan Karate, this new style also includes techniques from Kung Fu, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Wrestling!

I have been teaching boys and girls for over 25 years, and have noticed that certain Karate techniques are very difficult for them to learn. A child’s body is not the same as an adult’s body. By making subtle adjustments to stances, strikes, kicks, and ground defense, the students were suddenly learning twice as quickly! Even better, by allowing them to use natural movements instead of the stylized mechanics of sport karate, the children felt successful!

I also spent time evaluating the most effective, child-friendly movements from other martial arts. The goal was to design a comprehensive list of playground-appropriate techniques that focused on passive escapes, not aggressive attacks. When this goal was accomplished, Gozen was born!

The Gozen curriculum includes KARATE techniques for self-defense, GRAPPLING for ground escapes, FITNESS drills for strength, COMPETITION to face fears, a MENTORING program for leadership, and MANNERS training for social skill development. What more could a parent want?

At DBKK, we are on a mission to inspire self-esteem in every child! Today, because our program features a curriculum that is physically and emotionally age-appropriate, the children are enthusiastic and inspired to try their best.

It does take a village to raise a child, and we invite your child to grow up at Karate Kids! Together we can build strong minds, strong bodies, and strong spirits!

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