home-monalisaI’m thankful that I’ve found such a place. I tell all of my friends who have kids about it. I can’t wait to see the future, as my kids take what they learned at Dawn Barnes Karate Kids out into the world.
Art K.

Karate Kids Santa Monica has been part of our family for 8 years. Our son began taking classes at the original location when he was in preschool; he earned his black belt at age 12. Our daughter, who sat in the lobby as a toddler and watched classes, began her own training at 4-1/2 years old. She earned her black belt this October. Both kids developed power, self-defense skills, and the capacity to perform choreographed katas with amazing focus. Our favorite part of Karate Kids, though, was having a wonderful, long-term relationship with Sensei Dorene. She has been a favorite teacher from the very beginning. We helped celebrate her wedding and two pregnancies!
– F. Kay

Our kids have been with Karate Kids in MB for over two years and love it! Not only karate itself but all the discipline, focus and respect for self and others makes it a wonderful experience for them and for us as parents. They take this learning with them everywhere and we can clearly see the positive impact it has in their lives. The Senseis are great and, at this point, MB could really use a bigger dojo! On to that coveted black belt!
– The Miller Family

When we started at DBKK four years ago my son was six years old, shy, and hesitant to be involved. Now as a ten year old he is involved, serves as a mentor to younger children just starting out, and much less shy. This improvement and growth is due in large part to the environment and people at DBKK. In the beginning our goal for sending our son to DBKK was to learn Karate and ultimately get his Black Belt. In the end, we found those goals to be good, but felt even better about the life lessons and values that DBKK teaches. The decision to send our son to DBKK was a great one because in addition to Karate, they teach so much more that really benefited our child.
Sarah S.

I cannot say enough great things about Dawn Barnes Karate Kids. All three of my kids attend classes there and have been doing so since they were very young with one now a black belt! Not only does DBKK teach you physical strength and coordination, it teaches and reinforces life skills like respect, trust, honor, and to certainly always try your best. The physical and mental skills my children have learned there carry over in to all other aspects of their lives and have helped shape their confidence and determination.
Thanks for all you do!
Jennifer F. (mom to Jackson, Carter, and Reagan)

I highly recommend Dawn Barnes Karate Kids to anyone who wants their child to have a positive, fun experience while learning invaluable skills. My five year-old grandson has been taking lessons there for the past year. He is mildly autistic and has difficulty focusing and following directions. The wonderful Senseis and Office Staff are very positive with him. Their #1 Rule “Try your best” helps him feel that even if he doesn’t get something right it’s okay as long as he keeps trying. He looks forward to each class and learning awesome karate moves and important self defense techniques. They also teach essential life skills such as respect, honesty, integrity and self esteem that he needs in his everyday life. His favorite activity is the obstacle course where the students do different moves at different stations while energetic music is playing. The encouragement and support he receives has helped him tremendously and he is on track to get his orange belt next week.
Joan M.

What’s the number one rule of Karate? Always try your best! Truer words were never spoken. I’m going to try MY best to convey how happy I am, that my kids go to Dawn Barnes Karate Kids. For several years I have watched them take that rule and apply it not just in the Dojo, but in everyday life. I’ve seen them apply it at home, at school, and in the community. I’ve watched my kids grow more confident. I’ve seen them become more self aware. I’ve marveled at how respectful they are to others. A good deal of that can be attributed directly to what they’ve learned while taking classes here. It’s a wonderful atmosphere, where families come together to watch their kids learn not just a skill. But, discipline and respect as well.
– A proud Dawn Barnes Karate Kids Parent

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