The first move we teach in Karate is called a Ready Stance. We teach it first because, in my opinion, it’s the most difficult move to master!

It sounds so simple: stand up straight, stay still, and pay attention. Maybe that’s easy for a moment… but how about a full minute… two minutes… a whole class?

Not so easy!

In today’s world of rush, rush, many seem to have lost the ability to sit or stand still and allow the world to come to them. Too bad! Because without this skill, learning and growing is next to impossible.

Always be in your ready stance!

Ready for anything!

When you’re able to stand in a good Ready Stance, you are showing the world that your mind is in control of your body. When you can fight the urge to wiggle, talk, scratch, or fix your hair, you demonstrate power over yourself.

This basic level of self-control is the foundation of Karate. Think about it–if you can’t control yourself when there are no consequences, how can you control yourself when your life is on the line?

So, keep your Ready Stance with you wherever you go. In school, sit up straight, keep your hands on top of your desk, and look at your teacher.

At the dinner table, sit still, eat with good manners, and listen to what your family is talking about instead of slouching, playing with your food, or playing video games.

Take your Ready Stance to the movies, the beach, to the frozen yogurt shop… everywhere!

Remember, if you’re ready for anything, you’ll get more out of everything! 🙂