The holidays are a time of appreciation and gratitude. A time to express our love to friends and family. A time to forgive a little more than usual. A time to set cynicism aside and allow ourselves a little more hope.

But why don’t we do all of that year-round?

Karate Kids try their best!I notice the same phenomenon at Karate Kids. All the students know the number one rule is to Always Try Your Best. But sometimes, that word “always” seems to be forgotten.

Yes, I see students trying their best when it’s time to be approved for a belt test. I see students trying their best when a teacher is watching. I see students trying their best when they can earn a trophy.

But what about when they’re on their own… when no one is watching… when there’s no belt or trophy to be awarded?

Perhaps the most important lesson I share with my students is this: The whole world is your dojo. Trying your best is not just for karate class. Trying your best is not just for special occasions. There is no season for trying your best.

Trying your best is an attitude. A habit. A way of life.

I’m sure you agree.

Now back to the holidays. We know that feeling gratitude, expressing love, forgiving others, and embracing optimism not only make the world a better place, they make for a better life. So, why do we wait until we see colored lights on trees and pumpkin pies in markets to smile a little more and give a little more?

This holiday season, let’s try our best to hold on to our good will and carry it into the new year. Let’s try our best to make every day a holiday!

Not just some of the time…ALWAYS!

Happy Holidays! 🙂