Ban Karate? No Way!

I was shocked. A mother handed in a cancellation form because her school had forbidden its students from taking Karate. That’s right… forbidden!

And it didn’t stop there. Another mother was told by her school that ALL extracurricular athletics were discouraged for their students. Seriously?

Where am I? What year is this?

Don’t get me wrong… I’m sure these policymakers have the best interests of their children at heart. I’m not saying they’re bad people, but they sure are uninformed!

Karate Teaches Kindness.

Karate teaches kindness.

When asked for the reason behind the ban on Karate, we were told that children are too impulsive to control themselves.

NO KIDDING! That’s exactly why the first lesson we teach at Karate Kids is to stand tall with no wiggles or giggles. Self-control is the first goal of Karate!

We were also told that the school believed in finding non-violent solutions to conflict.

SO DO WE! That’s why the first skill we require of students is demonstrating how to use their voice to let someone know how they feel. If that doesn’t work, we teach them to find a grown-up. We don’t want children fighting, either!

Maybe I’ve been on the mats too long. I’m so accustomed to seeing children getting stronger, braver, and kinder that I presume that everyone sees the value in martial arts. I guess not!

It seems some people imagine Karate as a violent blood sport where aggressive parents cheer for their children to punch each other in the head. But that image is so wrong!

Of course, I can’t speak for all martial arts schools, but the lobby at Karate Kids is full of loving mothers and fathers who want to see their children learn how to make eye contact, stand up tall, use their words, and practice good manners. That’s what we’re all about!

What we teach at Karate Kids!

What we teach at Karate Kids!

It might be interesting to point out that there are countries in the world who forbid children from learning martial arts. Girls, in particular. Do I even have to tell you how I feel about that?

That’s why I was flabbergasted to learn that right here in Los Angeles, CA, USA, there are adults who feel that the empowering boys and girls to build stronger, healthier bodies and personalities through athletics and martial arts is something to avoid…. something to ban.

If that sounds like you… if you’re a parent who doesn’t believe that Karate is a safe, fun way to teach your child focus, respect, and patience, then I invite you to bring your child to watch any class, any time, at any of our locations.

Come and see how we encourage children as young as two years old to be brave and kind.

Come and talk to our parents and let them tell you firsthand how Karate is helping their children find success at home and at school.

When you drop by, I believe you’ll agree that we’re really all on the same team. We all just want to raise healthy, happy children.

Black Belt Parents

Earning a black belt in Karate is a big deal. Especially when the student is just 10 years old!

I’m proud to announce that two weeks ago, 15 students achieved their black belt in Gozen Karate.

Think about that…

Some of these children have been practicing Karate for six or seven years… more than half of their lives!

dbkk-karate-for-kids-groupBut here’s the funny thing… even though we recognize our new black belts as dedicated, patient, and hard-working, the same can be said about their parents! Here’s why—

No student at Karate Kids signed up for classes on their own.

No student at Karate Kids fights traffic to get to class on time.

No student at Karate Kids washes their own uniform or signs up for a belt test.

No student makes it to black belt without thinking about quitting once or twice. Or more!

That’s why I say behind every black belt student is a black belt parent!

You may not get to wear the belt, but no kidding—you’ve earned one, too! 🙂

Black Belt Parents!Here’s the sad truth—kids today are busier than ever. Children jump from one activity to another, never having a chance to improve at anything. And that’s a shame!

It’s a shame because confidence grows from improvement. Self-esteem grows from achievement. Success grows from learning the value of hard work.

Allowing a child to build a habit of quitting when something gets difficult or boring will never lead to a healthy, happy life.

But black belt parents don’t let that happen! They’re too smart.

When their child was too nervous to try that first karate class, they came back and tried again.

When their child wanted to skip karate class, they put them in the car anyway.

When their child was struggling to learn a new move, they encouraged them to keep trying.

That’s how black belts are earned!

So, as a member of the community, let me say thank you to all the black belt parents out there who taught their child the value of commitment. Thank you for not letting them give up when they got bored, distracted, or discouraged.

As a school owner, let me say thank you for supporting my dream to share the lessons of karate with as many children as I can. Thank for leaving positive reviews online and telling your friends about our program. Your trust is something I will never take for granted.

Finally, if I may speak for your children who are too young to fully understand all that you do for them, let me say thank you for giving them the gift of karate. Thank you for giving them the chance to develop respect, patience, and focus in a safe, fun environment.

They’re going to need all of that!

Keep up the good work, black belt parents!


Karate Is For Girls, Too!The first time I saw karate being demonstrated, I was dazzled. The power, the precision… the cool outfits! But for a little girl growing up in the Midwest, karate was for boys…period. I was expected to take dance classes, gymnastics, or maybe do a little of both and become a cheerleader.

So, that’s what I did.

My, how the times have changed!

As I stand in my schools today, I see girls taking karate without a second thought. I also talk to moms who tell me how they wish they had taken karate when they were younger.

Now, don’t get me wrong. As a trained dancer, I have nothing but respect for dance programs. I still love to dance! But what I learned in karate, and what I hope to pass down to all my students, is more empowering than anything I ever learned in ballet. Karate goes the extra mile in helping children develop the skills they’ll need to create happy, healthy lives.

The dojo is a magical place. Every day you can see boys taming their inner-tigers to become young gentlemen… and young girls giving their inner-tigers permission to charge outside and ROAR!

I am so blessed to be living in a time, and in a country, where a mother can now say that her son and daughter BOTH take karate and no one blinks an eye. Let’s keep it that way!

The next time you’re sitting in the lobby, I hope you’ll take a moment to appreciate what I see every day–brave boys and girls trying their best to become the kind of adults we all want them to be.