Karate Is For Girls, Too!The first time I saw karate being demonstrated, I was dazzled. The power, the precision… the cool outfits! But for a little girl growing up in the Midwest, karate was for boys…period. I was expected to take dance classes, gymnastics, or maybe do a little of both and become a cheerleader.

So, that’s what I did.

My, how the times have changed!

As I stand in my schools today, I see girls taking karate without a second thought. I also talk to moms who tell me how they wish they had taken karate when they were younger.

Now, don’t get me wrong. As a trained dancer, I have nothing but respect for dance programs. I still love to dance! But what I learned in karate, and what I hope to pass down to all my students, is more empowering than anything I ever learned in ballet. Karate goes the extra mile in helping children develop the skills they’ll need to create happy, healthy lives.

The dojo is a magical place. Every day you can see boys taming their inner-tigers to become young gentlemen… and young girls giving their inner-tigers permission to charge outside and ROAR!

I am so blessed to be living in a time, and in a country, where a mother can now say that her son and daughter BOTH take karate and no one blinks an eye. Let’s keep it that way!

The next time you’re sitting in the lobby, I hope you’ll take a moment to appreciate what I see every day–brave boys and girls trying their best to become the kind of adults we all want them to be.