Hi Families,

This month I would like to welcome you to our new Blog site! This column will be my personal connection to you all.  I will write a monthly tip on LIFE, KIDS, and making LEMONADE out of lemons 🙂

I would also like to use this column to answer questions or comments from you! As you can imagine, operating seven locations makes it difficult for me to meet most of you in person, so here is a channel for us to communicate.

Planting Seeds Can Be Fun and Yummy!

It’s Spring!  It is a great time to plant a vegetable garden or box.  Take a sunny Sunday and get your hands dirty.  Sharing this experience with your kids will provide a healthy venue for talking, laughing, and learning.  Even if it is a small herb box in the window, you will build a beautiful memory between you and your child.

If you already have a garden, good for you! Perhaps grab the crayons and keep a journal with your child about the foods you are growing and their nutritional attributes. For example, Spinach has a lot of Vitamin A which helps our skin and provides protein for our muscles!  From my experience, when attaching a specific nutritional value to a body part, kids become much more interested in eating it, even green food!

When I teach I always remind the kids to eat a “rainbow” on their plates.  Think about planting seeds for a more nutritious life.  Perhaps when deciding your garden, plant an artist’s palate and let those colors bloom!  Yum, yum! What’s for lunch?

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